Two steps backwards and a zip line forwards

My expat life in Istria

While keenly awaiting a building quote, I amuse myself with some high-wire antics. Then find I’ve not been as clever as I thought I was, having to solve the mystery of the ‘missing Updates’ … and go into battle, yet again, with Facebook.


Monday – Tuesday

Alen barbeques our fish on the open fire at Konoba KastelQuiet start to the week, pootling at garden clear-up (enjoying some ridiculously good weather), then hitting the typeface. Monday evening had dinner with MnG at Konoba Kaštel – much chattering, wine and good food. Tuesday afternoon, did the ironing – less said about that, the better.

Hoped-for quote from Damir with house renovation costs didn’t arrive (see last week). Must give him time, but it’s difficult when I’m itching to move things forward. (Another example of N’s famous patience – P)


Wednesday 30 November

Nicky on zip line at Glavani Park, IstriaA day of thrills and spills. Went to meet Nigel and Sue, who own Glavani Park, a new adventure park – all nets, wires and zip lines. I have the world’s worst balance and am terrified of falling: put me on a narrow ledge, two feet off the ground and I get the shakes. So did I go up? Of course I did: it looked too much fun to miss. Thoroughly enjoyed myself :). If you’re coming to Istria, I really recommend it as a great day out (still in progress). Just don’t listen to Nigel – “It’s not really hard work,” he said. And to be honest, clambering round, firmly clipped on, wasn’t difficult. It was trying to keep balanced, that did for me. The next day my muscles ached all over: they hadn’t had a work-out like that in years (if ever). It took them two days to recover – they’re not as young as they used to be (none of me is :(). 

Phil and Nicky play the game at Glavani Park, IstriaAzra called while we were out, wondering if we’d heard from Damir? I wish…

Went home with a puzzle. Sue said she hadn’t had any Live Istria Updates for ages and, when I spoke with Sally that evening, she said the same. I knew I’d sent them, so where had they gone? Most strange.


Thursday 1 December

Could hardly move this morning: ached all over, including several muscles I didn’t know existed. Gardening was out of the question, so set about solving the ‘missing Updates’ mystery.

When I got back from our trip to NY, I had an irrational feeling of having neglected Live Istria, so felt a real sense of achievement when I was finally able to send out my first ‘Update’ e-mail. Then, ten days later, the next went out and I thought, ‘Great, I’m back on track, everyone’s being kept informed.’ Wrong! Somehow, while I was away, my computer had substituted my lovingly created and comprehensive mailing list with an old, much shorter ‘test’ list I thought long since deleted. How? Haven’t a clue, but then P is always telling me that when it comes to computers, asking such questions is a quick route to madness. If I believed in the gods, I’d cite it as clear proof of their malicious sense of humour. So, if you had a long gap, then got two e-mails from me back-to-back, blame malevolent computer gods!

From Sue I also discovered she wasn’t able to ‘Friend’ us on Facebook. Being a website and following Facebook’s own guidelines, I’d set Live Istria up with a company page and not a private page and, after posting all the links, thought I’d done everything needed. I should have known better. While I’d heard about ‘Friending’ I didn’t know how it worked (I admit it, I’m a total Facebook rookie): talking to Sue made me realise I had a problem, as if you couldn’t Friend us, the whole thing was a bit pointless.

So I spent most of Thursday afternoon trying to find how to ‘Friend’ a company page. Finally admitted it’s not possible, so gave up in disgust :(.

Where is that e-mail from Damir?


Friday 2 December

Fresh day brought a fresh(ish) brain (if still aching muscles). I accepted that instead of fighting Facebook to make it work how I wanted, I needed to work within its limitations. No use banging my head off the computer screen, so I capitulated and set up a personal Facebook page – Live Istria Nicky. Here you’ll find all the Live Istria summaries, and you can ‘Friend’ it! Relieved to find a work-around and spent most of the day posting links. Hopefully I have a working Facebook solution (at least for now). In case you wondered, if you just want the article summaries, they’ll continue to be available on our Live Istria Facebook page.

Finally spoke with Damir. Quote is on its way – soon. Fingers crossed it reflects the kind of prices he mentioned when we met. But you know how it is …


Saturday 3 December

Typical autumnal weather finally arrived. It dawned grey and, soon after I came in from the garden, started raining. It then poured steadily most of the day, giving me a great excuse to stay indoors.

SnS came round for dinner and mah-jongg. Pleased to report, P seems to have lost his winning streak :). Unfortunately it wasn’t me who found it – it was Srdjan :(.


Sunday 4 December

Complete slob of a day: spent most of it on the sofa with a book. My only duty was tending the fire while P cooked Sunday lunch – it’s nice being spoilt  :).


The tale continues with The Treaty, the Bishop, the house and a wood pile

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