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Live Istria is out there!

Nicky trimming wisteria with garden sabre

A week of early starts and a final push sees Live Istria finally make it into the world. I also found time to go out interviewing and fig picking. With no guests in the Little House until Wednesday, we planned some R&R, but you can guess how that turned out.    Monday, 5 September...
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I guess I missed my deadline


This week cooler temperatures make work in the garden a pleasure. But the heat’s on at the typeface, as I find there’s a lot more to building a Live Istria than I thought. The chimney is swept, we buy wine, Baggy gets lost and I keep finding courgettes.   Monday, 29 August It was lovely...
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The heat is on


With soaring temperatures in Istria, it’s hard work in the garden and at the typeface. Live Istria’s launch date, 29th August, is just around the corner. With so much on – and technology conspiring against me, will I make it? Monday, 22 August Only a week to design and build a site, and do...
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Time-out in UK


Short entry this time , as most of the week spent in the UK. Monday, 8 August No time for anything today except getting ready for UK trip tomorrow. Mammoth ironing session and then packing. Absolutely shattered by the end of the day.  Luckily for us the guests have offered to look after the...
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Progress – what progress?


A week where nothing seems to go smoothly, but in fact I get a lot done. Web design proves time consuming, but I get there in the end, and there’s progress in the garden despite some very hot weather. But house hunting slows to a crawl. Monday, 1 August Bitter-sweet day. On the up-side,...
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I sell a house!


Interesting week: I sell a house, but get no closer to buying one of my own. Rain stops play in the garden, but means I make great progress with Live Istria. Monday, 25 July Tony and Ruth want to see the Losari house with Damir. They went up on their own yesterday and loved...
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My Life: the blog begins


First official blog entry for ‘My Life’ covering my expat life in Istria. Website gets a name and moves closer to reality. Publishing deadline set and first real interview conducted. House-hunting guests arrive in the Little House and our own house-hunting project takes a new direction. Week ends with a great paella! Monday, 18...
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