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Istrian Riviera

Lovran - coastal resort in Istria

Much of this drive twists along Istria’s dramatic East coast, where the cliffs plunge directly to the sea, but it also takes you up into the mountains behind for panoramic views along the coast. Starting with atmospheric medieval towns, it finishes with two magnificent Austro-Hungarian resort towns. With no stops, it takes about forty-five...
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Dramatic valleys and ancient frescoes

Gracisce's magnificent valley view in Istria

This short drive through the heart of Istria takes in several wonderful hill-top villages, with some of the best Istrian frescoes. You’ll also see a castle, impressive valleys and a wealth of old stone houses.  It’s only 26 km and, while you could drive it straight in about half an hour, if you take...
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Woodland wonderland

Draguc in Autumn - one of Istria's inland gems

Authentic, rural Istria. This beautiful drive into the heart of Glagolitic Istria takes in woods, pastures, mountains and perfect stone villages. Sleepy and unspoilt, it’s a land the modern world has overlooked. You can cover this 30 km route in about 45 minutes, but I’d recommend taking a bit longer to stop off and...
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