What happened to my lazy week?

My expat life in Istria

Revisiting one from the archives, with a trip back two years which shows very little has changed!

Tired after our UK trip and, with a few guest-free days, our plan was for a lazy week. As usual, played ‘catch-up’ instead. But did get time for dinner with friends, the Porec ‘end-of-season’ party and a night-time swim.

Monday, 15 August

Got back late from Trieste airport – knackered – but with A Plan. Will take this week easy to recover and then get back to all the usual next week. Probably won’t pan out that way though.

Fantastic coming back to the warmth after the cold! Hard to believe it really was summer in the UK. People still seemed to dress for the season, but I stayed firmly in jeans and  jumper (and even socks and shoes for a while).

Tuesday, 16 August

The ‘Lazy’ Plan unravelling already. Had to get up early to see the guests off, and Glorija (my cleaner) was coming in. Plan included an afternoon nap, but it didn’t happen. Too busy unpacking, sorting out washing and catching up with e-mail.

Wednesday, 17 August

Spent a few hours in the garden this morning – I know I said I’d take it easy this week, but the weeds were screaming at me. Temperatures are soaring, so couldn’t work beyond 10 am.

wasp-killingThe Plan still a dream: spent most of the day sorting out rental pricing for next year, as we are already getting enquiries. But did get two hours by the pool at the end of the afternoon. That was heaven… until we found the pool was too acid, due to the recent rain. Not having several kilos of baking soda, it seems all we can do is pump out some of the water and replace it with neutral tap water. But that will lower the temperature from its current 31°C. Adopted ‘wait and see’ approach.

P decided it was time to nuke the wasp nests on the terrace roof.

Thursday, 18 August

Threw The Plan away. Yet more weeding in the morning. Did some admin, then grabbed a swim before lunch, in a still yucky acid pool. Called Karlo and set up meeting on Monday to discuss our building applications with his planning expert.

Booked P‘s 50th birthday trip. We’re flying to New York for a few days and then coming back on the Queen Mary – a real touch of luxury. I’m really looking forward to it. 🙂

John and Julie are in Istria for a couple of weeks, so had dinner at San Lorenzo with them and RnS. They do the best pizzas in the world – the best we’ve all tasted anyhow. ‘The Boys’ at one end of the table discussed planning applications (JnJ have a problem project with the same architect we use) and agreed it was time to stir things up. John asked to come to our meeting on Monday. ‘The Girls’ discussed Sally’s grandchildren and other important life issues!

Friday, 19 August

‘Lazy’ Plan a distant memory. Before we went to the UK, the vine looked fine. When we got back, some had died off and it looked a mess, Wonder what happened? Anyway, I had trim it, which unfortunately involved harvesting most of the grapes, which aren’t quite fully ripe yet, so taste rather sharp :(.

Quick trip into Porec to give Elbina some money (they bought our guests in Brnobici a new sun umbrella) and some shopping in Konzum.

P decided he must do something about the pool before the guests arrive. Took just a few hours to pump out about ¼ of the water, but a lot longer to refill. Has he taken out enough? Too much? It’s all guesswork. At least it’s hot so the pool should re-heat quickly.

Called Azra to let her know we’re back and check for news about the Zbandaj house. Amazingly, they’ve had a reply, from the head of the Urbanisation Office no less! But… no-one in their office can understand what it means! Azra will discuss it with Patricija, her architect contact, but she’s away on holiday this week.

Saturday, 20 August

Managed to put my hand too close to a wasps nest when weeding this morning and got badly stung :(. Always one for petty revenge, I nuked them with heavy-duty fly spray. That’ll teach them!

Several weeks ago, I bought a throw to replace the ripped cover on the sofa outside, but it needed some altering. I’d also made a quilt over the winter and not quite finished it. As it was ‘back to work’ next week, I decided that if I didn’t finish these now, I never would. So it was out with the sewing machine, despite temperatures over 35ºC. Felt virtuous, if a little stupid.

Promised myself a lie down in the cool afterwards, so I’d have energy for the Porec End of Season Party. My best laid plans were totally foiled: power cut just as I was finishing sewing, so no electricity for fan or lights. Lay on my bed, in a darkened room, and sweltered :(.

New guests arrived, having had a terrible drive from Belgium. Roads very busy, but that’s not unusual at this time of year. Got them settled, then grabbed a quick swim. Pool much better – cooler, but no longer acidic Relief!!! :). Off into Porec to the End of Season Party.

Sunday, 21 August

Woke to a geyser this morning from the pool shower, thanks to a burst tap. Hope it wasn’t like that all night – our water bill’s high enough as it is.

P&S-in-poolHad a mad moment and offered to clean the pool for P. (He hadn’t been able to do it yesterday because of the powercuts.) So he did his back exercises and I set-to in intense sun. Pool’s already back up to 28°C, pretty much perfect, so had lots of cooling dips.

Invited SnS over for the afternoon, on a whim. I really am my own worst enemy – instead of planned lazy day reading and swimming, I ended up charging around cleaning BBQ, tidying summer kitchen and making salads. It was worth it though. We had a great time flopping about in the pool. Then later, after the BBQ, we rounded the evening off with a night-time dip – fantastic!

The tale continues as we ramp up the heat

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First published 23rd August 2011 (2 years on, I’m still waiting for my lazy week)


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