My tale

My personal experience of property hunting in Istria

A ‘built-for-rental’ option

One of two terraces of house in Baredine development in Istria

Because of the problems of getting tourist rental classifications for new houses, we had decided to look at old properties only and our last hunting session threw up a good possibility in Fabci. But there was another possible option: how about a finished, built-for-rental development, which came with all the necessary paperwork?   What’s...
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What else is out there? Let’s find out.

Fabci house, unrestored

In our our hunt for a rental property in Istria our little side-trip to Pula showed we weren’t cut out to be property developers, so we went back to what we know best – rental houses. The first place we’d seen, in Mugeba, was still a great possibility. But before we finally committed to...
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Property developers extraordinaire?

Aerial shot of site, right in the heart of old Pula

Like many people at the moment, we found ourselves searching for ways to generate more income and, in late December 2010, started looking to buy a rental property in Istria. Based on past experience, we knew it would take a while – and indeed, the hunt still continues – but in the process, another...
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Mugeba revisited


We started house hunting for another rental property in Istria, in late December 2010. After only our first afternoon’s viewing, it looked as if we’d found a great possibility. Would I be as enthusiastic second time around when I returned with a builder? What’s gone before | The hunt begins   When I first visited...
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Let’s buy another house?


Thinking about buying a property abroad? Follow our recent house hunt for a holiday rental property in Istria for some real-life experience of what it takes.   The hunt begins… “Why don’t we buy another house?” This wasn’t quite the completely mad, extravagant statement to make out of the blue that it may seem....
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