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Nicky-gardenHi, I’m Nicky, editor-in-chief, researcher, writer and driver of this unruly enterprise. Like it or loath it, Live Istria is my baby. I’m also the one with the greenest fingers in the family, so the garden’s my domain too. As is running our rental business. I’m one busy, multi-tasking woman.

PhilThis is Phil, my right-hand man and sounding board. He curtails my wilder flights of fancy and provides moral support when I lose confidence. Keeping the home fires burning, he lets me pursue my creative dreams, is a fantastic chef and mean mixer of martinis. He’s also in charge of technology and assures me he is in firm control of our finances. For Live Istria, when he’s not checking articles for me, he sometimes finds time to write the odd post or two.

B&TBaggy and Tally. Support modules. General distractions. Contributions consist of sleeping, eating and mewing pathetically. Complete and utter wastes of space! Baggy’s the fat, grey and white one, and Tally’s the skinny tabby (honest, I do feed her).

Phil and I are two Brits who settled in Istria in early 2005. Having left the UK in the early 80s (I’m sure some of our UK readers will remember Norman Tebbit …) to take up jobs in The Netherlands and then Belgium, we ended up running our own small marketing communications agency in Antwerp. After many years beavering frenetically in the corporate jungle, we came to Istria for a more relaxed, outdoor lifestyle: to live somewhere we could have outdoor sofas, lunch on the terrace and an afternoon swim.

After ‘enjoying’ this for seven years, I think it’s time to share some of our experiences and expertise. I’m also going to have great fun, getting out and talking with people living and working here, bringing you a taste of what life is about in Istria – Live Istria.

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