Wild mushroom delights

Fireplace where the mushrooms get grilledThese are just two off-the-menu dishes available in Konoba Kaštel. I tried to get the exact quantities from owner, Alen, but that just confused him. “There are no exact quantities,” he said. “The quantity we use varies from time to time, depending on the available mushrooms, and your individual taste.”

So, I’ve just given the outline, explaining what they do. Experiment, you’ll come up with the best option for you. (No photos for the moment – it’s not quite yet mushroom season, instead here’s a photo of the fireplace where the martincice will be grilled).


Grilled martincice

  • Slice the mushrooms into ½ cm thick slices
  • Grill on a wood fire
  • Season with freshly ground pepper and salt
  • Sprinkle with top-quality olive oil
  • Serve with chunks of fresh bread and a good glass of wine (for me a nice red)


Giurdani salad

A rare and delicious mushroom, the giurdani is the most prized of Istrian mushrooms after the truffle. It is an absolute must have, if it is available – which unfortunately it so rarely is.


  • Put some rocket leaves on a plate – don’t use too many or they will drown the flavour of the mushroom.
  • Slice the giurdani very thinly using a truffle knife
  • Place the mushroom on top of the rocket
  • Squeeze lemon juice on top
  • Season with freshly ground pepper and coarse salt (the surprise of the tiny salt chunks adds a little something)
  • Sprinkle with top-quality olive oil and shavings of parmeggiano cheese (also cut with the truffle knife)
  • Serve with chunks of fresh bread and a good glass of wine (I’d have a malvazija white wine, this time)


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